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You’ve worked hard for years building a great business with a unique history and value. After all your hard work, whether it’s time to sell now, or you’re planning for the future, you need to know how much your business is worth.

Over three decades of selling businesses, Proforma Partners and our Business Certified Appraisers (BCA) have honed the process of business valuation to a science. In our initial free consultation we will

  • Understand your goals and timing
  • Discuss developing a valuation for your business
  • Discuss the process of selling a business, if you’re ready

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Certified Business Valuation

A deep dive into business value.

If it’s not time to sell and you’d like a business valuation for planning or other purposes, or you’re a buyer looking for help valuing a target company, then our certified business valuation service is for you. We’ll do a deep dive and prepare a certified business valuation (BCA)—which is required by lenders, CPAs, attorneys, and courts. Proforma Partners has been certified by the International Society of Business Appraisers as a qualified provider of official BCAs.

  • To compile this document, we conduct a nationwide comparison of similar businesses sold in the same industry.
  • We include industry, demographic, and financial analyses.
  • This thorough report summarizes your business’ current market value and overall asset health and can be used to project future value and determine the next critical steps.

Increase Your Business Value

We tell you how.

How much you get for your business directly impacts your future. That is why we have honed a process that helps you maximize your sale.

First, we determine your company’s current market value comparable to other businesses and compare it nationwide to tighten the value estimate.

Then, we analyze past financial performance and current business health to help you focus on opportunities to increase company value.

We compare your company to industry, economic, and demographic forces that may impact the business’ future.

And, we recommend action steps and timelines to build future value including operations, finance, sales/marketing, and investments needed.

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